The mission of Interservice Trading is two-fold:

On the subject of our export trading-activities to support and help our clients by helping them to complete their projects by offering their specifications as complete as possible. A consequence of our knowhow and experience is that our support is mostly in the field of Specials and hard-to-obtain items and not so much on the standard items and materials.
Because of our vast knowledge of the market and materials it also means that we can offer a broad scope of materials, if required and not just pipes or fittings. This knowledge does not only include the materials, but also the markets and formalities which clients in the export markets are facing. For these clients the geographical distance can still form an obstacle for which they appreciate the assistance and support of an exporthouse like IST. We strive to help clients wherever our knowledge is required which automatically means that this help is more in the field of emergencies and Specialties.

This leads then to the 2nd aspect of our Mission:

As a small company it is very difficult to draw the attention to the big multi-nationals, such as for instance the oil-companies, especially in the markets closer to us, like Europe , the Middle East and Northern Africa.
It is relatively easy to get enquiries  for standard materials but on the other hand everybody will offer these enquiries so clients have enough quotations. We have therefore chosen to optimize the use of our knowledge and experience to start building up a stock of Special BW fittings which is unique in the (Chemical- and Petrochemical-) world, especially in cases of Shutdowns and Breakdowns where stock is essential. Also we cannot constantly travel around the world by visiting clients and certainly not for stock-items which are perhaps required once or twice a year by the end-users. Consequently we concentrate our stock-business on selling to the big national and regional stockists as much as possible, thus protecting them. Often they offer complete packages and specifications to their clients which they are visiting all the time any way by offering their own stock-program and then they can use our stock as an extension of the service they render to their clients.
Normally these type of specifications consist for  80-90% of standard materials and the balance, or even less, of Specials. Because of the low selling speed of these Specials these are not stocked and therefore it is a serious option for them to have IST as a partner to satisfy this part of the specs through them and thus completing their offers to the relevant clients..