Meet the team

The origin of our company lies in export. Since the end of the seventies we have developed Export markets with strongholds in Asia, Middle East, Africa and South America.
Initially dealing in export, we were directed and focused towards the phenomenon specialities. Therefore, IST concentrated its efforts on these items without forgetting the total specification. We observed that most people like to concern themselves with large projects and large sums of money and vast quantities, whilst with every large project small items can cause enormous problems for clients. With this in mind, instead of concentrating on the bulk of project specifications, we invested our efforts offering the special items.

Thus we really contributed to meaningful solutions instead of drowning in the anonymity of a large number of mainly big suppliers chasing to offer the bulk part of the specifications, namely the standard items, which usually does not present a problem to the client anyway.
Having done so for many years we gained a tremendous knowledge and expertise which also resulted in our ability to help client in emergencies like shutdowns and breakdowns. Therefore, our expertise lies in seamless BW fittings from this stock or from special production which are available to us from our mills.

A very successful aspect of our ability to help with difficult items is the possibility to offer special sizes of tubes or fittings in minimum quantities ex special production. For boiler or furnace breakdowns, thisis a significant advantage. It is generally known that in a good economic situation producers focus more and more on their production alone and are becoming less involved in direct exporting with all the necessary (extra) paperwork, red tape and procedures.

We ensure that we become familiar with all the relevant export and import procedures of all the countries we are doing business with, supported by our local agents who are of great assistance to us. In countries which are less accessible due to their economic structure, it is of the utmost importance to be able to render this extra service which goes beyond the point of having a product just pass a border.  Also, with indirect export, this service can be a significant advantage to the client in case these are contractors, responsible for a project abroad.

Nico van Wiltenburg
(Management & Consultant)
Karim Righi
(Chief Commercial Officer)
Edward van Wiltenburg
(Chief Executive Officer)
Janny Elbertse
(Accounting Dept)
Lilian Voesenek
(Expedition & QA/QC)
Bert Broere